Police Department

Call (205) 489-5447 or the Sheriff’s dispatch at (205) 489-2115. If you need emergency assistance call 911.

Chief of Police – Kim Miller

205-489-5115 Daytime

Call 911 for Emergency


During the summer of 2008 the police department relocated its headquarters to The Municipal Building, located 23415 Highway 195 South of town. The move provided the officers with their own work space. An interview/polygraph room was set up to allow uninterrupted space for officers to conduct interviews with suspects and victims. A.B.I. also uses this room for polygraphs. The facility also has a large evidence room, class rooms and a weight room.

The police department purchased Dell laptop computers for each patrol unit. They are in the process of converting over to all digital accident, citations, and offense reports. The officer will file the reports electronically through the state.

In-car digital video and audio recorders are in each patrol unit and every time the Blue Lights are turned on a video record is made. This has been a great asset to the officers during court proceedings. Even with all these additions which are of great benefit.

The DSPD officers are small in number and we need the help of our citizens to fight crime. If you have information of drug activity, theft, child abuse, drunk drivers, domestic violence or any criminal activity you would like to report, please call (205) 489-5115 or the sheriff’s dispatch at (205) 489-2115. If you need emergency assistance call 911.